Enhancement Spotlight

One of the joys of Institutional Effectiveness is when we can celebrate our strengths as an institution and learn best practices from our own faculty and staff. The Enhancement Spotlight features how Mississippi State's faculty and staff use the assessment process to improve their programs and services.

Dinetta Karriem, Ph.D.

Student Services Coordinator

January 10, 2019


Professional photo of Dinetta Karriem, Ph.D.STARKVILLE, Miss. — For Dr. Dinetta Karriem, Student Services Coordinator in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Foundations, doing assessment is a chance to tell the story of what a program is accomplishing and how they’re accomplishing it.

Facilitating the department’s assessment and accreditation reporting involves Karriem making connections between accreditation standards and domains, courses offered, and even faculty members’ syllabi and assignments. She says the process is manageable because she and faculty have yearly face-to-face meetings to discuss their courses and what they are assessing so it meets the university’s and accreditor’s needs. According to Karriem, one of the good things about these meetings is it shows everyone “we’re not an island. What makes it all work is the collaboration and communication. When we share feedback, it just works better.” She says these meetings produce better assessment without doing more work. An added benefit is that students also see faculty working together.

The work she does in assessment often translates into a clearer understanding for students. Karriem explains that the assignments used to measure student learning in assessment reporting also work well to provide students with a picture of what they can or can’t do, according to national standards. Students are also able to use the self-awareness gained from the assignments to be better prepared to meet with potential employers.

Karriem’s advice to those starting out doing assessment is to “approach it as a way to get better. Doing the same thing all the time doesn’t let us know what we can do better.”

If you or someone you know would like to be recognized for committment to assessment and enhancement, please contact Ed Dechert.