Student Achievement at Mississippi State University

Mississippi State University seeks to provide challenging and supportive education experiences that prepare students to be leaders in their professions and in the state and nation. This goal builds on our historic emphasis on access, academic excellence, and student success. To evaluate the extent to which our students are achieving this goal, Mississippi State uses measures such as student learning outcomes assessment with data from national exams and surveys, retention and graduation rates, job and graduate-school placement rates, and licensure passage rates.

Student Success

Retention Rates

The retention rate measures the percentage of full-time, first-time degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled in a fall or summer term who returned the following fall term.

Cohort start term Retention Rate
Fall 2017 79.8%
Fall 2016 79.2%
Fall 2015 80.0%
Fall 2014 82.0%
Fall 2013 80.1%
Fall 2012 78.0%
Fall 2011 81.0%


Graduation Rates

The percentage of students who graduated within six years of their initial term as a full-time, first-time degree-seeking undergraduate student.

Cohort start term 6-year Graduation Rate
Fall 2011 58%
Fall 2010 60%
Fall 2009 60%
Fall 2008 60%
Fall 2007 61%
Fall 2006 58%
Fall 2005 60%
Fall 2004 58%


Last Updated: August 26, 2019