RPT Training

Faculty Retention, Promotion, and Tenure (RPT) is the software product used to track the promotion and tenure process. Mississippi State University is starting with a pilot for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. This page will host the training products for this process. For more information, contact Tracey Baham or Ardra Morgan.

Faculty Candidates

Building the packet for submission

Faculty build their promotion and tenure packets and build an Adobe PDF binder. Please refer to the following video for information about how to build these PDF documents as a binder.

Submitting the packet and watching the progress

The following training video describes the process for submitting the packet through RPT and then tracking its progress through the promotion and tenure steps. The PowerPoint presentation is also available for your reference.

Department Heads

After the faculty candidate has submitted his or her packet, the department head must confirm the packet was received and then has options for how to handle the external reviewers. The training video walks through the external reviewer process, and demonstrates the steps the department head will take after the Departmental P&T Committee has finished its review.

P&T Committee Chairs

The video for the committee chairs demonstrates how the optional voting process works, how to upload a tally document and document the committee's vote, and the process for feedback from the faculty candidate.